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 A poem that I wrote.

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A poem that I wrote. Empty
PostSubject: A poem that I wrote.   A poem that I wrote. EmptyFebruary 15th 2009, 1:48 pm

Well this is one of my latest poems. Its called Unpredictable.

A boy and girl, are no more.
Their hearts are sore.
The fights that they chose, the way they stepped on each others toes.
She cried.
He sighed.
They were meant to be.
Can't anyone see?
They were happy once. The sunset walks, the sweet little talks.
No more do they share those walks and talks.
Only memories to keep them company, as they wonder the streets of heart-ache.
For goodness sake!
Why was it their love they had to take?
There is no reason, fate does what it does.
Everything is gone. All that ever was.
It happens to everyone. But it is so unfair.
The game of love is unpredictable, for it has no rules.
And to think that we were such Petty fools.
Every good thing must come to an end.
I'm sad that this had to end. For it is a horrible feeling to have lost something dear, so near.
Now dear, catch that tear.
Forget about this, and live on with your happiness, that I know you have.

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A poem that I wrote. Empty
PostSubject: Re: A poem that I wrote.   A poem that I wrote. EmptyMarch 26th 2009, 2:21 pm

This is pretty good.

Austin Carlile is teh best frontman evar.
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A poem that I wrote.
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