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 The Code of Mafias

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The Code of Mafias Empty
PostSubject: The Code of Mafias   The Code of Mafias EmptyMay 10th 2009, 6:49 pm

The Code:

Mafia does not exist because of crime, crime exsists because the mafia always had the sheer audacity to run above or below the society they could never conform to. We mafia do not live by society, but have instead created our own. We dont submit to the arrogant powers that rule the world but instead we created an underworld. We fight for our share of the underworld and the glory and gain that it will bring us.

Mafias are not organizations, they are not corporations and they are certainly not empires. No the mafia is family, Patriarchal with its head of house but also bound by brotherhood to each and every person who lives and dies within its sacred ranks. We are brothers and sisters, who do not yearn for individual glory or power but instead fight for respect and glory for the entire family.

Mafia live by a code. A code that dictates mutual respect to those who have seen more, and in turn know far more. A Code that demands respect for the elder, who is the head of your glorious family. A code that does not conform to the laws of a cruel,oppressive,biased and arrogant society that demands you to destroy its unworthy opponents. Some mafia refuse to belive in this code yet deep down uphold its sacred tennets of Respect and Honor.

You may deny its exsistance, you may arrogantly claim to be out of its reach and you even swear to have found a weak link in the unending chain. You however are never more incorrect. The mafia lives, the mafia dies, but the mafia will always exist. you will not win in thier wars, you will never break the family ties, and you will never erase the sacred code that lives and breathes in the mafia. the mafia will always live, as it always has.

Written By FBM,Of the Capone Family.
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The Code of Mafias
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