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 "This Thing of Ours",by Chaosboy48

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Godfather Divine
Godfather Divine

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PostSubject: "This Thing of Ours",by Chaosboy48   March 31st 2009, 5:36 am

Hey everyone,This is an old Poem/Proverb that I made around the starting of the Divine Mafia,I hope you like it. It is called "This Thing of Ours",It expresses the importance of what a Cosa Nostra on Runescape is,What it stands for,And it's Parameters.

How long have we been around this "Thing of ours",This Cosa Nostra? 18 years.What's it about? It's about Rules. It's about Parameters.You take the beatin for the friend.You dont lay down. You dont betray who you are,What you are. You gotta remember all those people who served this"Thing of ours",And there Loved. They dont rat,Why? Thats the rule. You dont break,You dont rat. People want you to be something you dont wanna be,Something you dident wanna ever be. Humble. So, You humble us.What you got now? You got a War. You got a clan against clan War. Theres no rules, Theres no Parameters. Theres no Respect. Theres no Respect for other peoples Dreams. So,Whenever we're gone,There gonna "Wish"There are more people like us. Whenever we're gone,There gonna miss this "Thing of Ours".
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PostSubject: Re: "This Thing of Ours",by Chaosboy48   April 9th 2009, 3:24 pm


Austin Carlile is teh best frontman evar.
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"This Thing of Ours",by Chaosboy48
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